A New Year

Journal Graveyard

You will find a journal graveyard spread throughout my house. Several with bright covers and others with a nice leather look that says take me seriously. And I do take my journaling seriously for the first 4 days. And then it’s over.  With the scoreboard showing a big, fat 0 on that front, I decided that perhaps a different approach was needed. I could produce a record through food with a blog. At first I was skeptical. There are already multiple (times 1000s) food blogs on the web and there isn’t a whole lot that hasn’t been done from what I can see. But, when I decided that I could do this for me and not worry if anyone ever read it, or if visitor analytics would be needed, I got excited. Excited about adding a few new ounces of potential creativity to my day. Excited that the pressure was off and I didn’t have to impress anyone. Thrilled that I have an excuse to cook food, photograph, and write about it – these are a few of my favorite things (cue The Sound of Music soundtrack). Note that I didn’t say I am a professional at any of them.

I’m Southern—hence the name of the blog and my accent. You can’t hear it, but my blog entries are best read in a hearty, southern drawl. I can’t bat my eyes or roll my Rs. Both actually provoke a look of concern from my husband. Food is a love. Period. I come from a long line of home-trained cooks, and from a family who considers eating a hobby to be mastered. Cooking and doing it well are deeply ingrained in my DNA. Thus, the beginning of this blog-documenting the everyday and learning through food.


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