Plump Potatoes

Andrew J. (also know as THE HUSBAND) turned 33, so with that momentous day also came his annual birthday dinner attended by the same small, but mighty group of 6. Side note: Another perk to having this online record is that I will (hopefully) be able to remember the menus I’ve served in previous years.  Before now, I’ve been able to pick out maybe 1 dish that was served in years prior. 

AJ’s opinion of potatoes is that you don’t get much out of them.  I’m not sure who taught him that, but I disagree.  His tagline for the veggie immediately sealed the deal that I was going to make a starchy dish for this event.  Of course I’d throw in a few of his other favorites, but I was going to make the best twice baked potatoes dubbed the Plump Potatoes.  A little cream cheese, green onions, salt & pepper and……..there you go, a dish he couldn’t resist!

Plump Potatoes in the Oven

Post dinner AJ’s opinion still isn’t really changed, but that just gives me a challenge .  The fact that everyone else at the table devoured theirs let me know that they were along the lines of what I had hoped for.  To be fair here,  AJ did eat his potato, but wasn’t converted like I had hoped.

They are still one of my favs and called Plump Potatoes for a reason.  Now I need to make a Skinny version.


baking potatoes (I started with 12)

3/4 c. of fat free half & half

half a block of cream cheese (left soften for 20-30 minutes before using)

salt & pepper to taste

3 green onions cut into small pieces

3/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese

Baked the potatoes until easily stuck with a fork. Cut them in half and tried my best to preserve the shapes of the potato skin when spooning out the inside.  Mixed the rest of the ingredients in potato using a hand mixer to make them more smooth.  I probably should try at some point not mixing so much if I want more of the “chunky” effect instead of the “creamy”–think peanut butter descriptors.  Evenly distributed the potato mixture back to the skins and placed on the same cookie sheet used to cook the potatoes originally.  Shredded cheddar cheese on top for an aesthetic effect (and who doesn’t like more cheese).  Baked at 350 degrees until warmed through and cheese melted.

To Try in Future (not all at once): Pepperjack sub. for Cheddar, Fresh Garlic, Black Beans, Salsa

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One thought on “Plump Potatoes

  1. […] Plump potatoes needed a cousin, a slightly slimmer cousin.  And, I needed a way to use a lot of the vegetables (and some different cheeses) in the fridge to make a one-dish dinner during the busy week before the holiday.  Baja potatoes were born with Skinny Cows and veggies. […]

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