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A Not So Clean Household

Note to self.  The lesson I have learned is methods that work for other people aren’t necessarily what works for me.  I’m not going to clean our house based on a schedule.  And that’s okay.  A little dirt never hurt anyway.


A Cleaner Household (Hopefully)

Little Green Notebook is a blog I look at each and every day.   It has made the “I need a 5-10 minute break at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm each work day” blogroll and most days is at the very top of it.  A post  by Jenny Komenda, decorator (mother, wife, and seems to be by the looks of it an all together fantastic multi-tasker), published today has the potential to be a changer in our household.  Great organization for me and another check in the “my wife is crazy OCD” list for the husband.  I love a good plan and a challenge–this will be both.  Here is the slightly adapted version of her weekly/daily list to accommodate for dogs, a yard, and a few other differences. It’s something to try for a month and see if it’s doable.  When I read this post a year from now, I’ll either laugh or be eternally grateful.

Last month was our first year anniversary moving into this house and I really don’t think it’s ever been fully clean. Maybe the list will help me win the fight against all the dust bunnies that come with the wood floors (that I love). Somehow I do think a clean house would make me want to cook/bake more and make an even bigger mess.


  1. Make bed
  2. Open dishwasher to dry


  1. Unload dishwasher & re-load; wash additional dishes
  2. Wipe down counters & Clean problem spots on floor
  3. Pick up and put away throughout the house
  4. Enter any receipts into checkbook
  5. Take out trash/recyclables if full

Monday                Vacuum

Tuesday                Every other

Wednesday         Toilets, Tubs, Bathrooms in General

Thursday              Laundry

Friday                    Every other

Saturday               Laundry & Outside Maintenance (Possibly a little more vacuuming)

Sunday                  REST & Outside Maintenance

Week 1                 Clean out/scrub kitchen appliances; Wipe down furniture

Week 2                 Clean moldings; Deep clean dog’s room

Kitchen Quote

Eating is an agricultural act. 

Wendell Berry.

I’ve liked this quote since I saw it at Eataly in New York last summer.  The quote is painted above the exit of the store (would it really be called a store or more a storemarketrestaurantwinebaretc?) and I came to a complete stop as I read it.  If we all thought of eating as an agricultural act, what would change? Would we be more intentional about what we chose to eat and its impact?  I’m thinking about putting this up in the kitchen to encourage more thought when stuffing our faces.  I’m confident that both of my grandfathers got it.

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