A Cleaner Household (Hopefully)

Little Green Notebook is a blog I look at each and every day.   It has made the “I need a 5-10 minute break at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm each work day” blogroll and most days is at the very top of it.  A post  by Jenny Komenda, decorator (mother, wife, and seems to be by the looks of it an all together fantastic multi-tasker), published today has the potential to be a changer in our household.  Great organization for me and another check in the “my wife is crazy OCD” list for the husband.  I love a good plan and a challenge–this will be both.  Here is the slightly adapted version of her weekly/daily list to accommodate for dogs, a yard, and a few other differences. It’s something to try for a month and see if it’s doable.  When I read this post a year from now, I’ll either laugh or be eternally grateful.

Last month was our first year anniversary moving into this house and I really don’t think it’s ever been fully clean. Maybe the list will help me win the fight against all the dust bunnies that come with the wood floors (that I love). Somehow I do think a clean house would make me want to cook/bake more and make an even bigger mess.


  1. Make bed
  2. Open dishwasher to dry


  1. Unload dishwasher & re-load; wash additional dishes
  2. Wipe down counters & Clean problem spots on floor
  3. Pick up and put away throughout the house
  4. Enter any receipts into checkbook
  5. Take out trash/recyclables if full

Monday                Vacuum

Tuesday                Every other

Wednesday         Toilets, Tubs, Bathrooms in General

Thursday              Laundry

Friday                    Every other

Saturday               Laundry & Outside Maintenance (Possibly a little more vacuuming)

Sunday                  REST & Outside Maintenance

Week 1                 Clean out/scrub kitchen appliances; Wipe down furniture

Week 2                 Clean moldings; Deep clean dog’s room


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