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Strawberry Saturday-Rustic But Delicious

Made and served this about a month ago.  End of semester means behind in so many ways including writing anything on this.

Strawberry Season has presented a challenge–how many different ways I can use them before they spoil.When sick last year Mrs. LaVonne (my mother-in-law) and Fred brought me a set of Fine Cooking magazines to read and my favorite recipe based on looks was the Rustic Strawberry Tart (September 2000, pg. 52).  I love anything that is at its core pie. So much so that I’m pretty sure I could go without cake the rest of my life.  I saw that recipe and then Carrie sent this recipe to me.  I took it as a sign that this needed to be made.

This recipe at the height of strawberry season with a little extra tart from blackberries made for a very happy table. I also love that this is a recipe with which the finished project can look ugly.  The jagged edges and less than symmetrical look just add character.

The Bibliography: Fine Cooking, September 2000

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