Sitti Inspired Summer Staple

The Drink of 2012 has taken an amended version for the summer and we’re hooked.  Back in January I  had a divine nonalcoholic drink at Sitti that wasn’t sweet tea.  I’ll rarely refer to a drink as a good nonalcoholic drink when it isn’t a version of sweet tea.  The Sitti drink featured honey, lime juice, pomegranate juice, and ginger ale over a few ice cubes.  It was a fresh surprise in the winter, and smooth.

I craved the same taste last weekend, but wanted something to combat the heat and serve as a possible beach drink in a few weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it…the Johnson family drink of 2012.  It’s refreshing and tart with just a hint of pomegranate sweet.  Ginger ale adds an additional fizz and the sad excuse for pictures below (this was the first try and I didn’t include as much “slush”) don’t do it justice.  Try to imagine it with more slush and without the reflection of my white shirt showing up in the middle.


1 can of frozen limeade

1 1/8 c. pomegranate juice

1 Tbsp. honey

ginger ale

two medium handfuls of ice

In a blender combine the frozen limeade (defrosted for 5-10 minutes), pomegranate juice, honey, and two medium handfuls of ice.  Puree ingredients until they form a thick smoothie type consistency.  Pour individual servings into a glass or entire amount into a pitcher.  Add the same amount of ginger ale and lightly stir (ex. if filling half a glass, fill to the top with ginger ale).  Enjoy!

Put any leftovers in the freezer for a few hours to create a slushy type drink/dessert.  For use as a punch, freeze mixture in a pitcher for at least a day.  On the day of the event, place the pitcher in the refrigerator and let thaw into a slushy mixture.

The Bibliography: Inspired by Sitti, adapted by SFD Test Kitchen


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