Comedy of Cooking Errors

Anna & Tim recently had a baby, a precious baby.  To celebrate/help/see the baby I took them dinner.  I had great hopes for the dinner–homemade meat loaf, mashed potatoes, caramelized green beans and onion and a chocolate chess pie to finish off.

And the errors began:

1. I put the pie in the oven before it had reached its final temperature so it came out in a cracked mess.

2. I got home late from work and didn’t have enough time to finish cooking the meatloaf without giving the whole family meat poisoning.

3. The mashed potatoes (with cream cheese & butter for ingredients) was accidentally left out on the counter overnight providing yet another opportunity to give the family some lovely stomach aches.

4. All above= whomp, whomp.

After the errors ended, I was left with caramelized green beans and strawberries with whipped cream.  Not exactly the meal I was hoping to take.  With my pride left at home, I stopped by Harris Teeter and bought chicken and twice baked potatoes arriving red-faced and with apologies.  Anna and Tim were gracious and made me feel like bring a Harris Teeter meal to first-time parents was completely acceptable. In my thoughts it was not, especially a Harris Teeter meal bought at 6 pm when every other person in Raleigh has stopped by to pick up their evening’s dinner.

I will  redeem myself in the next few months, but at this point all I have to say is welcome to the world, sweet Emmie!


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