Sunday Night Date

Last Sunday night ended with an unexpected date.  Toward the end of dinner, I asked Andrew if he wanted anything else to eat thinking he might say, “sure a little cilantro rice.”  His answer was chocolate chip cookies.  That answer led to us pulling out the bag of chocolate chips (that was already 1/4 empty from snacking) and making the Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the back (I still love the Friends episode with Phoebe & the Nestle TollHouse recipe).

Three things I learned from the experience.

1. Andrew has an appreciation for the abilities of the electric mixer. I didn’t realize he had never used it before but quickly was talking about the motor in it and how effective it was–oh the engineer.

2. Explain how to add materials and in general use the mixer instead of assuming that someone knows how.  I failed to explain to Andrew that you break the eggs into a separate bowl first and then add them.  He decided to add them while the mixer was going and ended up with egg shell broken (and mixed) all in the batter.  The next step included adding the flour mixture to which I should have added the “shield” that came with the mixer.  Andrew set off a “flour bomb” that I’m pretty sure we haven’t cleaned up completely a week later.

3. When you don’t have vanilla extract, substitute almond.  The only vanilla extract I have is a DIY kind that still has to sit for a while first so we used the amount called for in almond flavoring.  We both said that we actually liked it better than with vanilla flavoring.

Andrew pre-flour bomb and post-egg break.  The cookie outcome was delicious and thus ended a wonderful Sunday night date.


One thought on “Sunday Night Date

  1. cjhhawes says:

    That is a happy man

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