Last Drink of 2012 and First Meal of 2013-13 Days Late

We decided to go wild with our last drink of  2012 and bought a large bottle of ……..

Last Drink of 2012

Yes, the cashier at the grocery store even laughed at us and said it was “just terrible” that sparkling grape juice was our New Year’s eve choice of drink.

The next day started off with a commitment not to eat everything in sight and trying to eat more plant life. That commitment (which has lasted a few days so far) began with Roasted Cabbage that appeared on Pinterest.*

Roasted Cabbage-Pinterest

Roasted Cabbage-Prior to Cooking


Mine looks a little different because I wanted to use actual bacon pieces as opposed to bacon bits.  The dish was easy to make and very filling.  The packaging also helped keep the usual odiferous smell of cooking cabbage at bay.

So, out with the collards and black eye peas for New Years–cabbage and bacon are going to bring us our health and prosperity (hopefully).

*The Pinterest link didn’t take me to the recipe, so I’m not sure of the origin of the recipe.


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