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My Kryptonite

A frisbee in the grass

Life is good until you find that your kryptonite is a cheese dip.  A cheese dip that is served a multiple restaurants throughout the city, yet when I try to make it, it turns into a frisbee that meal participants have to use a serrated knife to serve. Life is still good, but whoa, didn’t see that one coming.

During the Thanksgiving holiday I decided that instead of leftovers for post-Turkey day lunch we would have a fiesta complete with homemade queso. Cue the frisbee. No matter how much I tried to stir, the cheese didn’t seem to like the oil or other ingredients and vice versa.  This is the recipe I had tagged on Pinterest and tried for the fiesta/break your teeth with cheese party.  It made a 3 minute debut and then promptly went in the trash.  The taste was there, but when a chip breaks when trying to dip the dip (interesting word usage Jenny), it’s time to throw in the towel.

Becky W. identified my problem the very next day. It seems that I need to read on the packaging of cheese whether it is a melting cheese or not.  Who knew?  Here’s to reading and not serving another frisbee.

Image by Aaron Brown via Flickr.

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