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Visit from Mags

Maggie B. (formerly Maggie H.) came to visit this weekend as part of an annual Christmas trip.  She loves Sundrop.  Loves should be LOVES Sundrop.  For her engagement pictures one was taken of her holding a Sundrop and her then fiancé, now husband holding a Cheerwine-that’s how much.  If you aren’t familiar with Sundrop, you want to be soon.  If you don’t like it when you try it, remember to try it again in the summer. It’s best when consumed while at the beach on a 96+ day when the drink is ice cold (and you have your toes in the ocean).

Being a few weeks past due on recognizing her birthday, I thought incorporating Sundrop into the weekend was necessary.  I found a recipe online for Mountain Dew Cupcakes from here at All Things Cupcakes and since there is a similarity between MD & Sundrop (though my personal preference is Sundrop-a lighter taste), I thought it could work.

Icing Sundrop Cupcakes

For the batter, I followed the directions pretty much to a T.  When it came to the icing, I wanted to make sure that the Sundrop stood out so I doubled (+1 additional Tbsp.) the amount that was recommended and didn’t include any lemon extract.  To replace the lemon extract, I included another 1/4 c. of fresh lemon and lime juice.

Two Sundrop Cupcakes

The Sundrop made an entrance with the icing and continued subtly in the cake.  My sister said it actually seemed close to Sundrop cheesecake.  Definitely a dessert  that is light and crisp in taste, yet rich, rich, rich.  I think Mags was happy and hopefully these cupcakes helped me keep the title of “Hostess with the Mostess.”  Already planning for her next trip…..

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