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The Drink of 2012

Last week I met Carrie and AJ at Sitti.  AJ is my dueling drink partner though we tend to duel with Diet Cokes instead of the hard stuff.  We aren’t teetotalers by any means, we just enjoy a good Diet Coke or in my case, a sweet tea.

When making a joke about dueling drinking partners and also noting the time of an early dinner at 4:30  pm to the waitress, she pointed us to the non-alchoholic drinks.  I should have never looked. Upon turning the page, I laid my eyes on my drink for 2012.  I’ve never had “a drink” for a year, but I think I could drink this each day for an entire year and not tire of it.

Sitti’s Pomegranate Spritzer is refreshing, light, with just the right amount of fizz.  I don’t know the amounts of the ingredients, but I do intend to do tests batches until I figure out the right amount. My deadline to perfect the recipe is June when I’ll put my toes in the Florida sand.

Whether a person duels with alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, this is a drink to try.  From now on when going to Sitti, budgeting calories to include this treat is absolutely essential.

Simply yum.

Ingredients: Pomegranate Juice, Lime Juice, Honey, and Ginger Ale

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